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Is a Luton van big enough for my house move?

Updated: Feb 8

Moving house can be a stressful and challenging task, especially when it comes to choosing the right vehicle for the job. The size of the van you choose can significantly impact your moving experience. One popular choice among movers is the Luton van, but is it big enough for your house move? This blog post will explore the capacity of a Luton van and whether it's suitable for your man and a van removals.

Understanding the Size of a Luton Van

A Luton van is a type of commercial vehicle that features an extended body over the cab. This design provides extra space, making it an excellent choice for moving large items. The average Luton van measures around 4 meters in length, 2 meters in width, and 2 meters in height. This translates to approximately 17 cubic meters of loading space.

However, these dimensions can vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer. Some larger models offer up to 22 cubic meters of space. Therefore, when considering if a Luton van is big enough for your move, you need to assess how much stuff you have to transport.

Assessing Your Moving Needs

Before deciding on whether a Luton van is suitable for your move, you need to evaluate your moving needs accurately. Start by making an inventory of all items you plan on moving. Consider their sizes and how they might fit into the van.

For small to medium-sized moves – such as one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartments or flats – a Luton van should suffice. It can comfortably accommodate furniture like beds, sofas, tables, chairs, and several boxes.

However, if you're moving from a larger property with multiple bedrooms or have particularly large or bulky items such as pianos or large wardrobes, you might find that one trip in a Luton van isn't enough. In such cases, you may need to make multiple trips or consider hiring a larger removal vehicle.

The Benefits of Using a Luton Van for House Moves

Choosing a Luton van for your man and a van removals comes with several benefits:

1. Ease of Loading: The Luton van’s box shape makes it easier to load and unload items compared to other types of vans. Its low loading height also means less lifting, reducing the risk of injury.

2. Cost-Effective: Hiring a Luton van can be more cost-effective than hiring larger removal trucks, especially if you're moving locally.

3. Maneuverability: Despite its size, a Luton van is relatively easy to drive and maneuver in urban areas and narrow streets.

4. Extra Space: The extended body over the cab provides additional space that can be used for awkwardly shaped or fragile items.

Choosing the Right Man and Van Removals Service

Once you've decided that a Luton van is suitable for your move, the next step is choosing the right man and van removals service. Look for companies that offer experienced drivers who are also skilled at packing and loading to ensure your items are transported safely.

Check reviews and testimonials from previous customers to gauge their reliability and professionalism. Also, ensure they have adequate insurance coverage in case of any damages during transit.

In Conclusion

So, is a Luton van big enough to move house? The answer largely depends on the size of your property and the volume of items you need to move. For small to medium-sized moves, it's an excellent choice due to its space efficiency, ease of loading, maneuverability, and cost-effectiveness.

However, for larger moves or those involving particularly large or bulky items, you might need something bigger or plan for multiple trips. Remember always to assess your needs accurately before making a decision – when it comes to moving house, preparation is key.

Luton van size
Luton van is it big enough?

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