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  • JTJ Lee

"How to Successfully Navigate the Moving Lottery: Tips for Finding the Perfect company"

So your thinking of moving and looking for a company to help you do it. The first place would be a google search and you will find a few options. Let me explain a few of them and what they do.

lady worried
what should i do?

Anyvan - They mostly consist of self employed van drivers that have been given a route with multiple collections and deliveries. If your only moving a few items then this is possibly a good choice, if you do not mind your items travelling with other peoples items.

Comparemymove - A company that has a large amount of removal firms signed up to receive leads that they have paid for. Once you have requested a quote you will get up to 6 different firms ring, text,email or whats app you to try and get your business. Removals-index also Getamover also work like this.

Large well known firms like Britannia, Pickfords and Glasswells will have large lorries to help with larger house moves and will be expensive.

A smaller company with a Luton van could move a 2 bedroom house in one load, it would take about 2 hours to load, if parking is at the door and no dismantling. It is normally a bit quicker to unload. Sometimes a second trip is needed for garden and garage items. Waiting for keys can be the holdup, if no keys by 1pm then you will need to wait until after 2pm due to solicitor lunch breaks.

Hire a van - You need to be over 21, you will need to pay a deposit also replace any fuel you have used. You will need to do everything yourself or get friends and family to help. You properly will not have blankets or a trolley, your items will not be insured if you brake anything.

If your getting quotes online for a man with a van service you can use our link here

Other options, ask friends or family to recommend a company that they have used in the past. Good luck with your search.

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