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Here are some questions you may be asking, if you have any more please contact us.

van outside a house
  • Do you take items to the tip?
    We do not offer this service, you need a license to do this. We can recommend a company that does, ask us for details.
  • Do you offer a packing service?
    We do not offer a packing service, we arrive on time and load item into the van, transport your items to the new location, then un-load to your room of choice. Checkout or tip page
  • Can you dismantle my bed or wardrobe?
    Yes we do offer this service, when we make a quote we ask if this is required and it is included in the price. If you only want a single item dismantled we can do that to.
  • Can you disconnect my washing machine or cooker and re-connect?
    Yes we can do that for you, sometimes at the new property the washing machine water feed pipe, is not long enough we would not be able to connect.
  • Are you insured?
    Yes we are covered for your goods in transit up to £10,000 also public liability insurance up to £1,000,000 so we have you covered just incase.
  • Do you provide boxes?
    We do not provide boxes at the moment but it's something we might be able to do in the future.
  • Our questions we have for you
    What do you need moving? house, flat or a single item? where from and where too? what date are you thinking of moving? can we park easily at both locations? anything in the garden or garage? anything to dismantle or re-assemble? how many bedrooms? will you need to wait for the keys on the day? can we move your house items then come back for garden items the same day? do you have any white goods i.e cooker, washing machine? will you require a two man team or just the driver to help?
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