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Trolley for stairs handy for man with a van

This trolley from Amazon has been the best one yet

As a man with a van, delivering items such as bags of dog food, cookers, washing machines and fridges I have had many trollies light weight foldable ones to heavy duty ones.

1: First look

As it came from Amazon it was a fast delivery. One heavy box. well packaged with clear instructions. Pop the wheels on with a hammer and extend the arms and good to go.

2: The Test

Well the first text was boxes of books, the trolley felt a bit more heavy than normal ones, but felt strong, turning in small spaces can be a little more tricky. It was the strength I was most impressed with. The base does fold up to save some space in the van. The test moving a washing machine down some stairs does work with a clump on every step, take it easy step by step can be done by one person, but an extra pair of hands to help you down does help and it does save your lower back for these jobs. Going up stairs much harder and would need two people still for a washing machine.

3: Pros and Cons

Strong, looks nice, does stairs

Heavy, takes up room in the van more than others, cost is high

4: The Final Score out of 10


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